At BGSD, we deeply appreciate the challenges that bosses face. Whether you’re a small business owner or a leader in your organization, you’re responsible for growing your team while driving bottom-line results, and balancing the two responsibly can sometimes feel impossible.

Our strategic growth consulting practice involves working with you as an honorary member of your team to create growth-focused strategic business plans that align with your values, leverage your available resources, and achieve maximum financial, organizational, and social impact. We deeply believe that good money empowers good people to do good things, and we are dedicated to getting financial resources into the hands of those who feel called to make a difference.

Our business coaching programs are tailored to address the individual needs and grow toward the specific outcomes of the leaders and companies that we work for. We believe that healthy, happy bosses create healthy, happy cultures and teams, and everything we do is designed to bring joy, longevity, and sustainability to each company that we work with. Progressive leaders work with us to learn how to harness their individual power to create growth opportunities for themselves, their teams, and society.

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Strategic Management Consulting

The strategic business growth process happens in three parts: strategic analysis, strategic planning, and strategic implementation. Each of these parts must be present for sustainable business growth to be possible. We will guide you through each step of this process, helping you avoid common pitfalls along the way.

Your job as a leader is to set the vision for your team and figure out how to achieve it. Historically, small business owners have been on their own in this arena, as strategic management consulting has only been an option for the largest companies. It’s a system that gives a leg up to the huge corporations that already dominate the markets.

At BGSD, it is core to our mission to provide the same quality of strategic management consulting that big companies have consistent access to for mission-focused small businesses. Our experienced strategic management consultants have the same MBAs from the same fancy programs as the folks who work for the big guys. The difference is in the alignment - everyone that works at BGSD is heart-centered and committed to helping entrepreneurs and small business leaders win.

If you’re ready to put our strategic brains to work for your mission-driven business, get in touch. We’d love to talk to you.

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Executive Mindset Coaching

Executive mindset coaching has been a well-kept secret in the business world until recently. If you were to look into the schedule of any business leader you admire, you would see that they regularly meet with an executive coach to keep their mindset strong so that they can stay at the top of their game.

The executive mindset coaching process involves examining your deeply held beliefs, unpacking old stories, and creating new possibilities for personal growth. To engage on this journey is to commit to shifting your mindset to optimize your brain to create positive change in all aspects of your life.

A rock-solid executive mindset includes a strong belief in personal responsibility, a commitment to excellence, a focus on impactful outcomes, and a willingness to take intelligent risks. It involves a deep desire for growth. Great leaders know that there is no failure, only feedback, and that there is wisdom to be gained from every adversity that we face.

At BGSD, we believe that every human is capable of creating amazing positive impact. Doing so requires conscious intention and dedication toward a path of personal growth, and the willingness to seek guidance along the way. Our experienced and passionate executive mindset coaches will help you break through your mental obstacles and tap into your greatest potential for positive change.

Leadership Training

Our leadership training programs are designed to develop the specific skills and abilities that leaders need to effectively manage at any level of an organization. Our deep dive Leadership Mastery, Management Mastery, and Sales Mastery programs can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business and help you step into your true potential as a transformational leader.

Leadership is about inspiring and motivating others to step into their greatest potential for impact. At BGSD, each of our leadership training programs is designed to turn good bosses into great leaders.

Strategic growth planning, leadership training, and executive mindset coaching are essential for entrepreneurs and small business leaders who want to compete in today’s competitive business world. By working with experts, you can optimize your own potential and give your business the best chance of success in an ever-changing marketplace.

If you’re interested in learning more about our strategies, approach, and philosophies, and how we can leverage them to help you step into your most powerful, authentic leadership, contact us to set up a time to talk today.

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