What is BGSD?

Do you ever feel like you are stuck just going through the motions? Whether this feeling is only occurring at home or if it is carrying over to your workplace, a developmental plateau can influence your whole life, as well as your teammates. As humans, it is only natural that we want to do better, but sometimes it is hard to understand the best path to take. At BGSD, we are focused on helping you unlock your true potential with our business growth coaching program. We believe that leaders create leaders, and having the power to elevate others through team development not only enhances your personal development but also your overall team and business success.

No, we aren’t just one of those business coach programs that put everyone into the same box. At BDSD, our work is to foster authentic leadership to reach new heights while re-writing your own story. Our society needs more diversity, innovation, and progressive thinkers and we are here to help you develop those skills while keeping all the magical makings of what makes you — you. Take a journey with us to discover your true power.

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Bitches Get Shit Done Executive Mindset

As a business owner or leader within your company, it is easy to get sucked into the hustle culture of society and become overworked, losing your focus on your true inspiration and desires. As our world is ever-changing, there is room for new ways of doing things while being a success, efficient, and maintaining your sanity. As a person of power in a leadership position, you can connect and reach with others within your company — but we understand the overwhelming sense of responsibility, anxiousness, and also joy and excitement that come along with it. You want to become the best of the best, supporting your team’s development through executive coaching programs that bring out the best in themselves. Take that hustle culture and turn it into your vision of hustle—your ultimate version of success. That’s where the money lies and the potential blooms.
If you are ready to embrace your leadership potential and achieve new heights of success through deeper connections through your organization or business, BGSD is the key. Welcome to the bitches get shit done executive mindset. We are ready to grow with you.

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Our Team

At BGSD, we understand you are facing unique challenges in both your personal and professional life. We have solutions to foster personal growth to turn it into the professional development and leadership skills you desire. Our team of purpose-driven visionaries, strategists, and coaches is here to help you step out of your comfort zone and reach higher levels of success that you are absolutely capable of. Combining strategic management consulting with executive mindset coaching, BGSD is a business growth coach program that is designed specifically to create thriving teams. Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new. Are you ready?

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Our Approach & Philosophy

At BGSD, our executive coaching and leadership development are centered around three pillars of success: strategy, training, and coaching.

During our strategy sessions, our team will meet with you to uncover and understand your unique issues while discussing your goals for growth. BGSD takes that critical information we gathered from our conversation and turns it into an actionable, authentic roadmap for success based on your individual needs.

The saying practice makes perfect is a little worn out, we like to believe in leaders and create more leaders through ongoing training and personal development. If we are only shooting for perfection, what is there to achieve after? A true leader embraces the opportunity to grow and learn to continuously become a better leader to their team. BGSD can help create a plan based specifically on growth and sustainability for your organization to expand in the ways that matter to you most while maintaining long-term success.

As a leader, you may think you are on this path alone — but that is not the case. Even the strongest leaders need support. BGSD’s holistic approach to personal and professional development provides unwavering support and guidance every step of the way.

Embrace the Magic in Your Mission

Everyone is born differently in this world, with each of us possessing our own unique strengths and weaknesses, along with personality. While our society may have once said you can only be a leader if you meet certain criteria, BGSD believes there is a leader in all of us. It doesn’t matter if your path to success was straight and narrow or unconventional, it all comes down to — Are you the type of leader you want to be, or are you lacking in some areas? Leadership is a constant creation that comes from our blended life experiences paired with intentional learning. Our resources can help you become a better leader for your team and company, while also taking your personal development to new levels of happiness and bliss. Once you begin to truly implement new skills, your inner magic will release, creating a ripple effect around you. Experience the true joy of living while leading with intention.

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Grow Your Team & Build Stastainability With BGSD

At BGSD, we believe the best way for you to take care of your team is to begin by taking care of yourself. No matter where you are in your business journey, our team is highly-skilled and experienced in working with individuals from all walks of business from start-ups to fully established corporations. By focusing both on your personal growth and professional development, we can zone in and create individual strategies to give you the leverage you need to excel in all aspects. Change can be scary, but what is scarier is not living your life to its potential and mission out on what could have been. Let’s chat.

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