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BGSD has strived to be a safe space for Queer entrepreneurs and politically progressive activists to scale their impact and amplify their causes, but we still have work to do to support the BIPOC Queer folks in our community. We’ve used this last week to listen, engage, activate, and learn how we can be better allies and agents for change as we work to identify our roles in dismantling systems of oppression and deep-rooted racism in our country. So while June would often serve as a month filled with celebration of our unapologetic Queerness, we also recognize the need to pause, reflect, and do better for our BIPOC Queer community.


This Pride month, we’re committed to amplifying the voices of the BIPOC Queer community. We believe that our Pride must be intersectional, and until we can say Queer folks of color enjoy the same protections as white Queer folks do, we can’t celebrate Pride as usual. We want to focus on business owners and creators of color, putting an emphasis on Black Queer business owners and creators. White allies, we hope you’ll join us in this mission. To help hold us accountable, we curated a list* of Black and Queer owned and centered businesses and organizations that we can support. While this list only scratches the surface of what we can be doing to support, listen, and learn, we hope it serves as a daily reminder that where we spend our money and seek out information can play an important role in bolster the voices of our Black Queer community members. Take this as a daily call to action to find a way to do your part – print it out, keep it up on your desktop, and look at it often…and don’t stop when June is over.


Lindsay Sacco is Client Services Associate at BGSD Strategies

Guide to Supporting Black and Queer Businesses