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With things shifting daily, it can be hard for leaders to know where to start in setting the tone for their employees and clients. As things change and we need to make decisions on the fly, our capacity for introspection and deliberate decision making can fall prey to stress hormone-fueled reactivity. It isn’t hopeless, though, and we do have the opportunity to remain intentional in our actions and words.
When leaders succumb to scarcity and fear, they give up a lot of their power and influence. You as a leader have something to offer, some way to help those in your sphere. Your expertise and groundedness may be a lifeline for employees, clients, colleagues, and friends looking for one thread of consistency when the world feels turned upside down.
Realizing that you have agency in this environment – you have the capacity and the ability to help others, literally moves brain activity from the stress response area¬† into the creative, empathic, expansive regions of your brain. It’s one of the most helpful ways biology helps us manage our emotional state.
It’s a beautiful self-reinforcing cycle. As you turn your thoughts outward to how you can serve others, your capacity to do this vital work of leadership increases. As you actively serve others with your knowledge, resources, wisdom, and presence, hormones related to stress and danger decrease and you are able to more fully be the solid center your community and company need you to be.
Things are still uncertain and changeable, but you always have the ability to help. In that ability – in your leaning right into that ability – is access to peace.
Liz Fischer is a mindset coach for BGSD Strategies.