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When Alesa first came to us, she was intent on building a business that expanded the impact and activism of the labor movement and nonprofits, while also providing time and financial resources for her and her family. But at the time, Alesa was nervous about hiring. 

Alesa entered the Impact Scaling School program and knew she had to start recognizing herself as a business owner and CEO rather than as just a freelancer. She knew she needed to hire a team that could support her, scale ACMs impact, and allow her flexibility as a parent and partner.

 Through her work in ISS and Mastery, Alesa broke down and through fears around hiring and trusting others with the business. She raised her prices and held to them. She started hiring and stepped confidently into the CEO role at ACM.

Today, ACM has four employees who are managing bigger and more profitable clients while reducing the burden on Alesa and giving her more flexibility. She also has grown her business by 4x in revenue.