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Becker Digital Strategies

In late 2017, Beth Becker approached us at the end of her rope. She had been in business for herself for years leading trainings for Democratic digital strategists, and had been making a good living. But when her mother became ill and Beth needed to spend a few months taking care of things at home, it became apparent that her business was in a more precarious place than she had realized, completely dependent on her ability to physically travel to training locations.

Beth needed to scale her business to the point that it could run without her in an emergency, but after a summer off she had no capital to invest in hiring staff. She needed to bring in new clients quickly to make up the ground she had lost.

BGSD helped Beth set aggressive new revenue goals, forecast a path to achieve them, refine her brand strategy, and introduce new services lines including curriculum development and online training courses.

With these changes, Beth was able to triple her revenue, start saving for retirement, and hire help. Today, Beth still flies all over the world training digital operatives, but now she has an administrative team behind her making sure that everything runs smoothly, and a training team to help cover in-person events. She’s also been able to scale her impact by designing digital training curriculum for large progressive organizations and training digital strategy remotely online, so that hundreds of progressive operatives a year benefit from her expertise, both in the US and aboard.