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CN4 Partners

When we met Dean NielsenĀ at an industry conference, his political direct mail agency, CN4 Partners, was at a transition point. His business partner was ready to retire, and he was ready to tackle new challenges and take the firm to the next level.
CN4 needed to be in the room with the decision makers on bigger races. There was just one problem: few people outside of Washington state had ever heard of them.
We began our work with CN4 by working with the existing team to solidify a brand strategy, then put a tactical marketing plan in place for them to begin executing on. Next, after training the firm leadership on more effective sales techniques, we developed a hiring roadmap to begin creating the additional capacity they would need.
Within a few weeks, leads began rolling in and Dean began to get recognized anytime he went to a conference or work event. This year, CN4 has doubled its staff and is on track to double their revenues for the 2020 cycle.