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Evinco Strategies

Eva calls herself an ‘accidental entrepreneur.’ When we first started working with Eva, she was doing everything for everyone, even if she was sometimes getting paid next to nothing for it. 

Eva is an expert campaign strategist and had a vision for what she wanted to build, but she wasn’t sure where or how to begin. She was ready to stop faking it and start building something on purpose, but first she needed a scaling strategy with an eye toward long-term revenue and profitability. 

Through our Impact Scaling School program, we worked with Eva to help restructure her service packages and raise her prices. She also began setting stronger boundaries with clients and even ‘breaking up’ with the 80/20 clients who were taking up the most bandwidth while paying the least. Along the way, Eva realized that she needed to trust her team and lean on them more in order to actualize her vision for Evinco.

In a short amount of time, Eva has led her firm Evinco Strategies to incredible growth. She added new service lines and diversified her revenue. The business went from four-figure revenue in 2018, to being on pace to break half a million by the end of 2021 and likely double next year. Eva now has a team of six stellar employees who are leading business divisions and helping run more of the day-to-day operations. As a result, Eva has more time with her family while scaling toward a million-dollar business