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Greenscape Geeks

When we first talked to Joey Fleenor and Michael Painton, they had purchased a struggling sustainable landscaping business, Greenscape Geeks, in Indianapolis and were slowly turning it around. They knew that they were onto something, but were struggling with inconsistent revenues and keeping their crew motivated to stay on board when there wasn’t always work to be done.

Greenscape Geeks needed a marketing strategy that worked to bring in business all year, and
internal systems that would minimize chaos as it grew. Joey & Michael also needed to figure out how to strategically hire the right folks to make sure that their estimation process was running smoothly and that their crews were producing efficiently.

Through our Impact Scaling School course, we worked with Joey & Michael to hone in on their exact target audience and come up with a brand strategy that would speak to them. They began advertising on NPR, and soon their calendar was full of estimate appointments day in and day out! This gave them the confidence to bring on two additional designers to increase capacity and a crew chief to make sure projects were completed officially.

Within 2 months of completing ISS, Greenscape Geeks’ revenues had grown 650%, and Joey and Michael began working on their plans for national expansion. They recently opened their second location, in North Carolina.