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When Carol first came to us, she had a big vision and she knew she needed help developing a sustainable growth strategy that could help bring it all to fruition. She wanted to market to her dream clients and grow capacity while delivering high quality services to those clients without spreading herself thin. Bottom line: she needed a framework and the tools to grow a sustainable structure.

At that time,  she was still figuring out the ebb and flow of the business cycles of the industries’ of her clients. In addition, she was still a team of one and her initial business model relied entirely on word of mouth; which was impressive but didn’t allow for expanding capacity or delegating tasks. And like many first time business owners, her services weren’t priced appropriately making it near impossible to achieve a revenue model needed to expand.

During Impact Scaling School, Carol adjusted her pricing model and began marketing directly to her dream clients. In the process, she gained the time, space and confidence to plan. The concept of leverage and the practice of running her own business were de-mystified. She even took the calculated risk of taking on debt through business loans to hire and expand capacity because she had a plan to capitalize on that expansion.

Now, Carol’s business is booming!

She has increased revenue, earning over $1 million in revenue in 2020 with a projected $2 million in 2021 and she has expanded her capacity. She has nine employees, including multiple senior staff. In just (blank years) she is able to work on the business and not just in it.

In addition, Carol is finding time for herself and shaping her work to fit her life, she implemented a flexible work week and unlimited time off for her staff and — core to her values — she provides her employees with a range of benefits. Carol was even able to take a 4-month sabbatical following the 2020 election while her capable team ran the show in her absence.