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Moxie Media

Founded in 1999, Moxie Media is the longest-running majority woman-owned and led Democratic direct mail consulting firm in the country, and just celebrated its 20th anniversary. By 2018, Moxie’s founder, Lisa MacLean, had built an awesome team of savvy and dedicated people, but in many ways the business was still running like a small startup, with everyone having a hand in everything.

As the company grew and the partners tried to remain fair and generous to everyone, Moxie’s compensation model had became complex, and the employees were beginning to feel confused. Also, having everyone in the company discuss everything via email and company wide meetings, while inclusive, was becoming increasingly inefficient. Moxie needed to streamline its operations and so it could continue to provide its clients with empirically-proven strategy and imaginative creative without burning out the firm’s team.

BGSD did a deep dive into Moxie’s history and evaluated each person within the organization. We then created new job roles for everyone that played to their interests and maximized their strengths, within a new structure that organized the team into departments with streamlined communications. We also integrated a new, simplified compensation and bonus structure that is easy for partners to use, and for staff to understand, which rewards employees fairly for excelling in their individual job roles.

Moxie now is charging into the 2020 cycle with stronger efficiency to strengthen its mission — and maximize its impact — to expand power in American politics by electing even more women, people of color, and LGBTQ candidates to public office.