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When Ned Howey and Mar Spada launched Tectonica, a digital strategy studio that helps grow progressive political movements, in 2012, they quickly realized they were onto something. By focusing internationally, they grew a steady consulting and web design practice and worked on interesting projects all over the world. But after 7 years in business, they realized they were stagnant.

Tectonica wanted to do more, and they were ready to grow their business in a big way. But their marketing efforts were flagging, their team was stretched beyond capacity to serve the clients they already had, and to top it all off, they were in the middle of a major international move, from Argentina to Spain. They needed help bringing order to the chaos, and fast.

When Ned, Mar, and their new partner Auwlyee enrolled in our Impact Scaling School, we knew that the first order of business was to get them all on the same page about their goals for the business. Once we achieved that, the next order of business was to put together a new marketing strategy aimed at growing their presence in the European market, and to build a new systems and staffing plan that would help them create greater capacity.

Within a few months of finishing the ISS, Tectonica received the Reed Award for Best International Firm by Campaigns & Elections Magazine. And in April, Ned reported that team had hit their target monthly sales goal, which they initially had hoped to ramp up to and achieve by the end of the year. BGSD is continuing to work with Tectonica in our Impact Mastery program, and we can’t wait to see what they do next!